As is often the case on the internet, the tone of the author can be lost. I apologize for lashing out and attacking you. I did feel like your original post was an attack and I responded in kind. I realize I was wrong. Sorry!

I guess a core difference between you and I is our expectations of the LDS church leadership. I think claiming to receive direct revelation from God places a burden of moral high ground and ability to course correct from this “institutional inertia” to which you refer.

I understand there are many explanations used to describe and explain away seeming contradictions to the LDS church’s truth tenets. They are known (somewhat condescendingly) in ExMormon circles as mental gymnastics. I’ve read extensively enough into apologist claims to know that they’re not for me. If you want to present them to others, via comments on my blog you’re more than welcome. It’s pretty awesome having someone who knows more about LDS history to be here to fact check me. (Though, admittedly I probably won’t be posting more LDS content. I’m moving on from Mormonism. It’s a big world. I want to focus on other things.)

I appreciate you offering some sort of alternative explanation, but I personally hold someone who claims to speak with God to a higher standard. I did not know about Joseph’s polygamy and upon learning the extent of it (along with the myriad of other issues), I decided I didn’t want anything to do with it. I find it utterly repulsive and morally reprehensible.



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